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LIL ‘ E is an upcoming music artist. His music has a positive vibe and every song is something for people to relate to. His artistic inspirations and influences are a lot of Texas artist, where it’s hard to get a name out so most of the artist have a hustler mentality. “It’s all about how you work in this industry, and I have an exceptional work ethic and try to be the best at what I do.” As an artist LIL ‘E brings something different to the table with his music. His style varies and he guarantees not to give you what’s heard every day on the radio. “I feel like I have my own voice when you listen to me.” His music is made to hear and LIL ‘E looks forward to sharing his music and igniting a positive moving fan base.



Big Tyme Ballaz Entertainment aka BTB Entertainment represents the lifestyle of its CEO LIL ‘E. In 1999 Big Tyme Ballaz was created by LIL ‘ E and his homeboy that he wrote songs and played ball with. Lil ‘E has been repping BTB ever since and has no intentions on stopping. He’s released mix-tapes on sites such as: ThatCrack, Coast2Coast, and DatPiff, just to name a few, as well as several other online mix-tape sites. His first mix-tape was released in 2009 titled “Da BTB Representa: The Mixtape Vol. 1”. LIL ‘ E has worked with local and even international artist, as well as DJ’s (DJ Danny T, That-Crack-DJ-of-The-Month DJ Double L.) just to name a few. LIL ‘ E is from Huntsville, Texas. His new EP “Da BTB Representa” will be releasing soon. The latest single “Southside” is on iTunes available for purchase. “Southside” remix featuring Texas Legend E.S.G., who has sold over a million copies independently, has been released and is taking over the streets.


LIL ‘E has a master plan on expanding his fan base and getting his music heard all over the universe as well as putting BTB Entertainment on the music map. LIL ‘E wants to work with anyone that shares his vision and goals for musical success so much so that his personal mantra is “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)”.


For booking, features, or any business inquiries, contact:

Phone: (713) 364-5453

Email: LILEbooking@btbrepresenta.com


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