New Remix Freestyle: @BTBREPRESENTA – Take It To The Head

Brand new freestyle off DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head from LIL E. Make sure you take a listen and download it. Be on the lookout for more new music. Da BTB Representa The Mixtape Vol. 4 “Country Rap Tunes” is on the way and Da BTB Representa (EP) is releasing soon. 2012 is a big year! Stay tuned for new material. Follow me on Twitter @BTBREPRESENTA



Happy Mother’s Day From LIL E


Today is a special day. Today is a day to show your appreciation and love for your mother and for all the moms out there. If you are a soon to be mom, or already a mom then this day is for you! I hope you received much love and had a blessed day.


From LIL E, I want to wish all the Mother’s out there a very special Happy Mother’s Day and that you all are appreciated! Keep doing what you are doing to make a way! Much love!


New Music: @BTBREPRESENTA – Cashin’ Out Remix





Hot off the skillet is a brand new remix off of Cash Out – Cashin’ Out song. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Da BTB Representa The Mixtape Vol. 4 “Country Rap Tunes” is on the way! Stay tuned!!!

#TeamBlackBerry BBM Me!

Whattup world! How many of y’all rolling with #TeamBlackBerry? Well if you are then BBM me pin:27FD2628 . If you not #TeamBlackBerry I feel sorry for you, lol. Also, if you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, add me on video chat. My ID is #BeBold

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Whattup everybody!


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Happy Good Friday!

Whattup world!

Just wanted to drop by and say Happy Good Friday and have a Happy Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you are able to see your family, have a good time with them as well.

Get those Easter suits ready if you haven’t already! I know I have mine! Lol.

It’s About That Time! Got Your Numbers??

Man it’s been way too many people talking about this lottery drawing today. I know everybody trying to get rich the easy, fast way so everybody getting tickets. I heard that a rookie in the NBA spent $10,000 on lottery tickets, then another person spent $2400 on tickets. All I can say is good luck and I hope you not spending your baby money or gas money and end up on the street just for trying to get rich quick. Well it’s about that time, you got your numbers ready???

NBA 2K12 or Call of Duty MW3, anyone?

I’m a game head. Been a game head since I was a little boy. I’ve played every system there is and owned most of them. I currently have the Playstation 3 and awaiting Playstation 4’s arrival.

A few weeks ago my PS3 ran hot on me and I’m having to purchase a new one. I have the old fat one and that’s the one I am getting. I don’t do the skinny PS3’s. They just don’t look right to me.

But anyways, if you have a PS3 and have NBA 2K12 or Call of Duty MW3, add me so we can get some games in. My PSN name is BTBrepresenta. Send me a request and I will add you. Let’s get it in!

LIVE!! Up and Running!

It is official world! is up and running live! This is the very first ever official website so expect big things with this site.

As you look around, be sure to comment, subscribe and download my app so you can be the 1st to know what I have going on.

Any suggestions, or just want to drop in and shoot me a “whattup“, feel free to do so. 2012 is the takeover and I appreciate everyone supporting the movement.

BTB 4 Life


New Single: “LET ME SEE IT”

Brand new single that’s taking over the clubs right now, titled “Let Me See It”

This is a hot new joint, one of my favorites off my upcoming EP “Da BTB Representa”. DJs are spinning this heavy in the clubs. If you have not heard it make sure to take a listen and let me know what you think.

Any DJs needing the service pack Click Here

Listen to full track HERE